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Martin Silverman, MD

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Evaluation and Individual & Family Therapy for Adults, Children, & Adolescents
ADHD & Learning Issues
Relationships, Marriage Separation & Divorce Custody
Forensic Evaluations

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As a highly trained and experienced psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, I offer a broad and inclusive treatment approach to help people of all ages overcome a wide range of emotional problems.

Human beings are psychologically complex and variable. Each person is unique in temperament, makeup, and life experience. I draw upon a range of modern techniques and methodologies as I work with each individual to identify the source of his or her problems and assist that person to overcome them. I utilize the kind of psychotherapeutic and pharmacological approaches that are appropriate for each individual person's needs.

picturesI offer a personalized approach that is tailored to the specific needs of each patient. These include short and long term psychotherapy as well as the use of effective psychopharmacological agents. I am able to provide in-depth assistance that can lead to definitive and long-lasting results—more than quick-fix, superficial results that provide temporary, short term relief but do not persist over time

For those whose life issues require it, I can offer intensive, psychoanalytic treatment that facilitates major personal growth and promotes the realization and flourishing of intrinsic talents and potentials. This kind of treatment can facilitate the attainment of the happiness and success in life for which people yearn for themselves and for their children. I can be of assistance to individuals and to couples. I also am experienced in providing ongoing assistance to parents and I can work with entire families.

Recent Publications and Presentations

Dr. Silverman was invited as a Distinguished Visiting Scholar by the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute and Society, September 5-7, 2014.  He presented his paper, “Spontaneity and Restraint in Child Analytic Work: The Analysis of a Four-and-a-Half Year Old Boy Who Had Dropped Out of the World,” at an open meeting of the Society.  He conducted a teaching session for child analytic candidates, one of whom presented a case for discussion.  Then he presented a paper, “Reality is Real,” at an Institute Faculty Seminar.  View Full List of Recent Publications and Presentations >>